Individual charm

Self-decoration is an individual and important skill in how to present each person’s personality traits, and the period of individual attractiveness, in addition to self-decoration, is the skill of choosing the right clothes, color harmony, social interactions, how to decorate hair individually and many techniques. Others involve personal attraction, and having attractive skills sets you apart from others and improves how others treat you.
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جذابیت فردی/Individual charm

By presenting a valid certificate from a technical and professional organization

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseini Zad


Course topics

-Individual care
-Face makeup
-Hair and face makeup
-Individual face massage
-how to walk and stand properly
-Individual nail makeup
-How to sit properly
-How to choose clothes in different situations
-Recognizing the right makeup products
-Color psychology (clothing, hair, makeup)

About the academy

The Hazrati Beauty Care Academy is a reference for cosmetic makeup training in Iran. This is a leading collection in all specialized fields related to face makeup and is the source of new educational standards and guides coaches throughout Iran. This academy, with its new training, has always been active in creating beauty centers that today operate in the form of superior brands.
We believe that make-up training in Iran before the activity of this academy was only practical and without the necessary knowledge. The flourishing of the field of cosmetic make-up in Iran at the time of presenting the hairdresser’s technique with the light shadow technique was started by the director and founder of Hazrati Academy and its origin has been scientific and legal activity. In this collection, from 2005-2009, which was the only licensed center, the book of hairdressing educational reference with light shadow technique was written by Ms. Hosseini Zad (Hazrati). She has also been the standard writer of this field and the field of bridal make-up, harmonica make-up, children’s fantasy make-up, etc.

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