Comprehensive course of body massage of Hazrati Academy

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Comprehensive specialized course of body massage:

Massage is one of the most effective and relaxing treatments for the functioning of the nerves and muscles of the body. Simultaneously with the treatment of problems such as cramps, joint pain, stress, etc., the massager brings about the coordination of blood circulation, muscle function and relaxation of the nerves, and is able to work miracles with empty hands.
A masseur is an artist who does not need large sums of money to start a business and at the same time progresses in his work life with high financial and spiritual efficiency. This course at Hazrati Academy includes all topics of introductory massage, calamin, aromatherapy, reflexology, candle massage, stone massage, Swedish and slimming.
دوره ی تخصصی جامع ماساژ بدن/body massage

By presenting a valid degree from Technical and Vocational Organization

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Advantages of the comprehensive course

Possibility to practice and repeat more during the course
Basic to advanced training without prerequisites
Submitting a certificate from a technical and professional organization with the official translation credit
Possibility of easy communication with the course instructor
Includes all the topics of the Academy’s Thermic Courses differently than you’ve ever heard!
Ability to practice and fix bugs in the academy environment with prior coordination after the end of the course
About the academy:
In 2007, Hazrati Academy presented the massage standard to the National Technical and Vocational Education Organization, and from then until 2015, with repeated follow-ups and defense of the massage field as a suitable job for people with empty hands and no capital. They can also earn money and enter this field.
Preliminary body massage
Calamin massage
Massage with Stones
Massage with Candles
Slimming massage
Swedish massage

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