Massage with candles:

The candle is a symbol of praise and magic that can convey a sense of calm. Candles with candles are a special type of candle and do not contain paraffin and are made from natural materials and vegetable or animal oils such as whale oil. This method is used to focus the power of the mind and soul. Hot Candle Massage Massage is soothing, fragrant and very soothing and helps to treat headaches, relieve the symptoms of cancer, anxiety and back pain, and makes the skin glow and relax, rejuvenate and rejuvenate.
ماساژ با شمع/candles massage

By presenting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseini Zad


Course topics

-review of the basics of body massage
Recognize the types of candles
-Application of candles
-Welcome techniques
-Preparing a massage environment
-The technique of using candles
-Massage with hot candles

About the academy:

In 2007, Hazrati Academy presented the massage standard to the National Technical and Vocational Education Organization, and from then until 2015, with repeated follow-ups and defense of the massage field as a suitable job for people with empty hands and no capital. They can also earn money and enter this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

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