Specialized facial massage

This course is suitable for professionals and professionals who want to look different from their colleagues in the field of skin and beauty and act in accordance with modern European techniques. Teaching topics were presented for the first time in Iran during the specialized massage course of Hazrati Academy and is the best skill to compete in foreign and European arenas. Specialized massages include special massages for the treatment of pimples, sagging, dark circles around the eyes, blemishes, bruises, swelling, etc.
Specialized facial massage/ماساژ تخصصی صورت

By peresnting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseinizad


Course topics

-Review of skin anatomy and physiology topics
-Kimono technique
-Callamin technique
-Ultra technique
-Specialized eye massage
-Magic eight technique
-Crystal technique
-Jade stone technique
About the Academy:
The Hazrati Academy in 2007 uses official massage services to organize and consult with professors, enabling you to have the year 1394 with frequent follow-up and consultation as a massage as a job manager. I can also tell you that you can see in this context. Due to the special properties of the skin, we enable the skin and the hair to be in the forefront in this field.
Recognizing the skin and its appendages, possible side effects and injuries with the use of cosmetics This academy has made it the top priority of all its courses to recognize the skin and skin complications. This academy is completely professional and in accordance with the academies of degree. 1 The United States and Europe have been and will continue to be diligent in meeting the professional needs of the Iranian community, backed by the best topics and identifying the needs of people in the community.

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