Device in skincare


Some work with the device and radiation are more attractive to them, and some people in this field see the device as an advertising tool, while working with the device complements the fiscal methods and makes it more effective.
These devices are electronic and each of them uses a single technique according to its effectiveness, but the way of working and the type of products used will be different. In today’s world, mechanical devices are equipped with strong currents or rays to provide higher efficiency.
دوره ی کار با دستگاه Devise/machines

By presenting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseini Zad


Course topics

-Review of skin anatomy and physiology topics
-Identify the performance of different streams on different skin type
-Galvanic flow
-High frequency
-Infrared Ray
-Ultra Sonic
-Identify the principles of using the device in skin moisturizing
-Identify the principles of using the device in anti-wrinkle
-Identify the principles of using the device in cleaning Skin
-Identify the principles of application of the device in facial sagging
-Peeling with Weak devices
-Peeling with medium devices
-Peeling with strong devices

About the academy:

Hazrati Academy values ​​the health of people’s skin and hair and has always been at the forefront of it. Understanding the skin and its appendages, the possible side effects and injuries with the use of cosmetics, this academy has decided to put the knowledge of the skin and skin complications at the top of all its lessons.
This academy has been and will be very professional and in accordance with the first-class academies of the United States and Europe, with the support of the best topics and recognizing the needs of people in the community regarding skin problems in meeting the professional needs of the Iranian society.

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