Recognize cosmetic products

One of the most important steps in learning early skills is recognizing cosmetics. In this field, which is addressed to women, we are determined to improve the consumption structure and consumerism of cosmetic products. In the field of education, the type of materials and how to use them are very important. Along with relaxation, health is the main issue. The expectation of the community of caregivers and beauticians is that they introduce quality products to all applicants and present the best to the general and general specialists of the community.
شناخت محصولات/Recognize cosmetic products

By peresnting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

Course topics

-Recognize the tools and accessories of makeup special effects
-Recognize the makeup artist tools and accessories
-Recognize the consumables and how to store them
-Recognize the tools of consumables
-Recognize the educational tools and equipment
-Methods of recognizing original products from counterfeit
-Recognize the types of fans, pancakes, pancakes
-Recognize different types of mascara, lipstick, shadow and blush
نرگس حسینی زاد

نرگس حسینی زاد

About the Academy:
The design of original and counterfeit products and the writing of health engineering standards for the sale of cosmetic products by this academy and the signing of a joint memorandum between the union of sellers of cosmetic products and the Technical and Vocational Education Organization with the implementation of Sayat Roshan Hazrati Academy in Tehran and Kermanshah In this way, each seller is a consultant in the field of health cosmetics and can properly guide the applicant and prevent the supply of counterfeit and harmful products. It should be noted that 300 shopkeepers and importers have participated in these courses.

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