Comprehensive course of Hazrati Skin Academy

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Specialized Dermatology Course of Hazrati Academy:
In all countries of the world, dermatologists, cosmetologists and spa specialists specialize in the field of medicine and pharmacotherapy with specialized skin treatments with new and non-invasive or semi-invasive methods.Hazrati Academy is interested in learning this skill to such an extent that it can easily accompany and cooperate with other specialists anywhere in the world. Or in our dear country, they should be progressive and different. In the comprehensive course of Skin Academy, all the topics of the technical and professional organization and much more and more practical than them will be taught.
This course covers the topics of anatomy and physiology of the skin and types of cleansing, Greek medicine, working with the device, American method, recognizing products and massaging different facial lines.
جامع پوست/comprehensive skin

By presenting a valid degree from the county’s thchnical and professional organization

Narges Hosseini Zad


Advantages of the comprehensive course

Possibility to practice and repeat more during the course
Basic to advanced training without prerequisites
Submitting a certificate from a technical and professional organization with the official translation credit
Possibility of easy communication with the course teacher
Includes all the topics of the Academy’s Thermic Courses differently than you’ve ever heard!
Ability to practice and fix bugs in the academy environment with prior coordination after the end of the course

About the academy:

Hazrati Academy values ​​the health of people’s skin and hair and has always been at the forefront of it. Understanding the skin and its appendages, the possible side effects and injuries with the use of cosmetics, this academy has decided to put the knowledge of the skin and skin complications at the top of all its lessons.
This academy has been and will be very professional and in accordance with the first-class academies of the United States and Europe, with the support of the best topics and recognizing the needs of people in the community regarding skin problems in meeting the professional needs of the Iranian society.
Skin anatomy and physiology
Massage different facial lines
Work with the device
Greek medicine
American method
Recognize materials and tools

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