Stone massage:

The stones used in stone massage are generally volcanic and especially basalt, which have a completely polished surface and are able to retain more heat. These stones are placed on specific areas of the body based on the skill and knowledge of the massager to create deep relaxation, relieve pain, reduce stress and treat muscle spasms and better sleep.

By presenting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseini Zad


Course topics

-review of the basics of body massage
-Recognize the types of massage stones
-Application of massage stones
-Benefits of stone massage
-Stone massage technique
-Preparing  massage environment
-Recognize body parts for stone placement
-Prohibition of stone massage

About the academy:

In 2007, Hazrati Academy presented the massage standard to the National Technical and Vocational Education Organization, and from then until 2015, with repeated follow-ups and defense of the massage field as a suitable job for people with empty hands and no capital. They can also earn money and enter this field.

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