Aromatherapy consists of two parts: “Aroma” means fragrance and “therapy” means healing. It is one of the alternative medicine branches. Aromatherapy in massage means the skill of using aromatic oils and perfumes suitable for treatment or creating a sense of calm during the massage. The sense of smell is directly related to the feeling of depression, which means that people with poor olfactory ability are more at risk of depression than others. This method can often be used to treat muscle aches, joint cramps or mental anxiety. It also improves other problems such as headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, premenstrual syndrome and low back pain with this massage. Aromatherapy massage is not painful and is deeply soothing.

By presenting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges Hosseini Zad


Course topics

-review of the basics of body massage
-Customer preparation
-Preparing  massage environment
-Lubrication methods
-Methods of essential oil extraction
-Recognize different natures
-Methods of changing nature
-Cognition of plants
-How to use plants
-Methods of using oils and essential oils

About the academy:

In 2007, Hazrati Academy presented the massage standard to the National Technical and Vocational Education Organization, and from then until 2015, with repeated follow-ups and defense of the massage field as a suitable job for people with empty hands and no capital. They can also earn money and enter this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

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