Micropigmentation course

Tattoos have been used in makeup for more than two decades in Iran, and many people have lost their natural beauty due to the lack of proper training and standard colors. Therefore, in the new wave and advertisements, it is preferable for everyone to present tattoos with methods that new generations also accept. One of the facial tattoo methods is the micropigmentation method.

Micropigmentation is a tattoo method with the help of an automatic and controlled device.

By the presenting a valid degree from Hazrati Academy

نرگس حسینی زاد

Narges hosseini Zad


Course topics

  • Review basic tattoo topics
  • Recognition of micropigmentation device
  • Recognize the types of cartridges
  • Performance of all kinds of needles
  • How to perform short micropigmentation
  • How to perform long micropigmentation
  • How to do large micropigmentation
  • Combined micropigmentation method
  • Method of performing linear micropigmentation

About the academy:

Saye Roshan Hazrati Academy has been proposing the standard of beauty tattoos in 2011 and the first school to start teaching beauty tattoos in Iran since 2013 and has been holding classes in different centers of the provinces.
The methods of this academy are based on the Swiss method and this academy has presented the Machiavellian Permanent Campaign to introduce the correct method of performing face tattoos and the Pommelment camouflage in camouflage therapy so that the students are permanently supported by this center and give health and beauty to people. Give the community a gift.

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