Body language: How do we know someone is interested in us

Human social behaviors in different situations have common .concepts that are called body language.

Learning body language and how each person behaves in similar situations makes it possible to read people’s minds!

:Here’s a look at some of these behaviors to find out how much a person is interested in

Positive states of Body Language

– Intimate look:

In this type of look, the person’s eyes are on your eyes and neck, and at a greater distance, from the eyes to the feet.

Men and women use this view to show their interest in each other
Those who are interested use this view to achieve deep emotional connection and connection

Men’s love:

His hand goes to her neck and straightens his tie.

If he is not wearing a tie, he may straighten his collar or clean the imaginary dust on his shoulders.

Rearrange the sleeves of his shirt or coat or even touch his hair.

He may also use his intimate gaze and continue his gaze for a few seconds longer than usual.

If he likes you, the pupil of his eyes will widen.

Head mode:

When the head is tilted to one side, it indicates interest.

If the head is tilted upwards, it indicates that the person is neutral about what he hears.

Women’s Compassion:

Touching the hair, straightening the clothes, pointing the legs and body towards the man, shaking her head, showing her wrists, squinting her eyes, drawing an intimate look and increasing eye contact are some of the signs of women’s compassion.

A lot of interest and attention also causes the pupil of the eyes to widen and the cheeks to blush.

Negative states of Body Language

Removing imaginary lint
When the person who disagrees with your opinion and feels restricted in presenting his or her opinion, his or her eyes look at the ground while he or she is removing the lint from his or her clothes
Although he may verbally agree, he does not like what he hears
.This is one of the most common messages of disagreement
When the other person puts his hand under the chin, he suffers
. from boredom and fatigue

If the head falls off, it indicates excessive boredom and lack of interest
Tied hands
If the person puts her elbows and hands in a vertical position and hooks them together, it is a sign that she has a negative attitude towards you
Breaking the wall of her hands requires special movement and speech, otherwise she will remain hostile
Standing position
If a man puts both hands on his belt, it means sexual aggression
Men use this symbol to indicate their privacy and to show other men that they are not afraid
If a man stands in front of a woman like this means: I am a man and I can dominate you
Rubbing the neck
If the other person rubs the back of his neck, he will verbally tell you that you are really on his neck
Those who are accustomed to rubbing the back of their necks are usually negative or critical
وبال گردن

Other behavioral symptoms

Smoking Conditions:

Smoking is an external manifestation of an internal struggle that has little to do with nicotine addiction.

The smoker reaches the final decision faster than the person who smokes tobacco pipe .

A person who feels positive, superior, or confident often sends cigarette smoke up and out.

In contrast, a person who has negative or suspicious negative thoughts pulls smoke down.

Pulling cigarette smoke down from the corner of the lips indicates a more negative and covert behavior.

The constant beating of cigarettes on a ashtrays shows that an internal struggle is taking place.

If a smoker suddenly stops smoking, it indicates that he or she has decided to end the conversation.

Hand barriers

Standard hand-to-chest mode
It is a global symptom that manifests defensive or negative behavior almost everywhere
This symptom is very common when a person is feeling insecure or dealing with strangers
دست به سینه
Strong hand to chest
If the fists are tied to the chest in a hand-to-hand position, it indicates a threatening and defensive behavior
To find out the cause of this condition, you need to obediently show the palms of your hands and speak gently
دست به سینه محکم

By reading more books and articles about body language, you can become a professional person in reading people’s minds. Without the need for magic!

Don’t forget that women understand body signals better, but they express their feelings less.

It is necessary for women to use their beauty intelligence and maintain their charms and benefit from them.

But for men, everything that goes on in their minds can be seen in the behavior and postures of their bodies.

Source: Body Language Book – Allan Pease

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